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DWI Driving While Intoxicated

Getting arrested for impaired driving is something that upends your life, and you must have experienced Dallas County DWI attorneys to take your case. Mistakes happen. It’s easier than you think to get to the legal limit, and a lot of people get stopped when they felt like it was safe to drive. Our DWI attorneys in Dallas County TX know how this goes, they know you don’t want one event to define your life, and they know what tactics to use to help you seek the best possible outcome.

Remember, the ramifications of a DWI are serious. Fines, jail time, license suspensions. You may even lose wages or risk losing your job. This is nothing to take lightly, and high-caliber Dallas County DWI attorneys can help you fight for your rights every step of the way.

Why Should You Choose Our DWI Attorneys in Dallas County TX?

You know that you need to hire Dallas County DWI attorneys for your case, but why should you choose us?

What really sets us apart as the right DWI attorneys in Dallas County TX for your case? A few of the benefits of coming to us include:

  1. We are experienced and professional.
  2. We have a reputation for honesty and integrity.
  3. We offer free consultations, no strings attached.
  4. We are always available to talk during business hours.
  5. D Magazine named us the Best Attorneys under 40 in 2019.

We are hard-working Dallas County DWI attorneys who care about our clients. That’s one of the main differences you’ll see. We don’t just take your case. Our DWI attorneys in Dallas County TX can also answer questions, give you a place to talk, alleviate your stress and anxiety and help you navigate a complex legal system. There is no better place to call than the Law Firm of Azad & Barlow, PLLC.

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