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Have you been charged with domestic violence in Texas? Did you know that even if your accuser regrets the call they made to the police, the prosecution won’t drop the case? The moment the police showed up is the moment you should have called experienced Garland domestic violence attorneys at Azad & Barlow, PLLC.

It’s not too late! Our domestic violence attorneys in Garland TX offer serious legal representation for serious charges, and we’re here for you.

Get Assistance From a Proven Team of Garland Domestic Violence Attorneys

We’re not just saying that we have the experience required to give our clients top-quality representation, we can back it up: Attorney David Azad is a former prosecutor, so he has detailed knowledge of the other side’s tactics. Our domestic violence attorneys in Garland TX were even named Best Attorneys Under 40 by D Magazine in 2019.

When you hire us to be your Garland domestic violence attorneys, you get:

  • A free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case
  • Excellent representation at an affordable price
  • The availability of a payment plan
  • Honesty, compassion and aggressive advocacy
  • Someone who is accessible during business hours for calls

Our Garland domestic violence attorneys can help you understand any protective orders you have, explain to you exactly what the charges against you mean, and what the consequences of a conviction could include.

Then, our domestic violence attorneys in Garland TX will help you fully explore all your defense options. We know that there are two sides to every story. Your accuser could have made a false accusation. You could have been defending yourself. Whatever the situation, you deserve to have someone looking out for your legal interests.

Protect Yourself: Call Our Garland Domestic Violence Attorneys Today

Whatever the circumstances of your case, you have rights, and our domestic violence attorneys in Garland TX will work long and hard to protect them — and your future.

At this point, any misstep on your part could make your situation even worse, so don’t delay: Call us at 972-535-4484 to schedule your consultation with the Garland domestic violence attorneys who aren’t afraid to challenge the prosecution at every turn.

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