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When you’re searching for accomplished Collin County DWI attorneys, call the Law Firm of Azad & Barlow, PLLC. Named the Best Attorneys under 40 by D Magazine in 2019, we have years of experience and a reputation for excellence. Your case is just as important to us as it is to you. As dedicated DWI attorneys in Collin County TX, we give you the time your case deserves and we consider all legal options to resolve it. You’re not alone. Let us help when you need to most.

We are also known as compassionate and empathetic Collin County DWI attorneys. We just want to help. We know that life takes unexpected turns. We know that things don’t always play out how you wish they would have. We also know that one event should not be the defining event of your life, and our DWI attorneys in Collin County TX can help you fight for both your rights and your future. We will be happy to answer questions, lower your stress, ease your anxiety and give you confidence in the knowledge that trustworthy Collin County DWI attorneys are on the case.

Steps to Working with DWI Attorneys in Collin County TX

When you start to work with our Collin County DWI attorneys, the process typically goes like this:

  • You come in for a completely free consultation.
  • Both sides get to know one another, and we learn the details of your case.
  • We outline your best course of action and our goals for the case.
  • Once the goal is set, we begin working diligently to explore the legal options needed to achieve it.

All cases are different. Maybe you weren’t impaired and the arrest was a mistake. Maybe you think the police stopped you illegally. Maybe you’re just looking for the best resolution to the case. No matter where you stand, it only helps to have proficient DWI attorneys in Collin County TX on your side.

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