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Our DWI Layers in Garland TX Will Inform You of What Happens If You Are Convicted of DWI

The possibilities, such as fines and jail time, are harsh. Garland DWI lawyers ask you to contemplate them before you get behind the wheel if you have been drinking.

Imagine having your life and your family’s lives suddenly and perhaps irrevocably derailed. That’s only part of the enormous price you will pay for DWI. Being jailed is an unsavory experience no one ever wants to endure.

You will wonder if your relatives look at you condescendingly or pityingly now. They might be angry at you. How about your neighbors and co-workers? What if you drive for a living? Will you lose your job? What kind of an example have you set for you kids?

Our Garland DWI lawyers at Azad & Barlow, PLLC, are acutely aware of the ripple effect that a DWI charge and conviction can have on our clients. They are largely hard-working, unassuming, decent people like you. We want to spare anyone confronting DWI charges from as much misery and uncertainty as we can. We won’t let you languish in limbo.

That is part of our job as DWI lawyers in Garland TX. You might say that it’s our self-imposed mandate. We feel it is our responsibility to you, first and foremost. We are atypical Garland DWI lawyers.

Of course, we are conversant with all the “nuts and bolts,” so to speak, of the law. That is an integral aspect of our training and preparation as DWI lawyers in Garland TX.  The fundamentals are second nature to us and you get the benefit of that.

But we go so much further.

As Garland DWI lawyers, we will answer every one of your questions in a timely, thorough manner. We help you gird for each step of the legal process. You will always feel like you have a whole team working shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

When It’s Imperative That You Have DWI Lawyers in Garland TX, We Are There

Don’t squander your precious time and energy with other Garland DWI lawyers.

Select Azad & Barlow, PLLC, first.

Your initial consultation with us is free of charge.

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