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If you’ve been arrested following an alleged incident with a family member, current or former partner or spouse, or even a roommate, you could find yourself facing family violence charges. This is a special category of offenses under Texas law, and they can carry serious penalties. That’s why you need skilled, aggressive Garland family violence attorneys to defend you and protect your rights.

At Azad & Barlow, PLLC, we’re proud to be the family violence attorneys in Garland TX people turn to when their freedom and their future is on the line. As a former member of the police force and a former prosecutor, our Garland family violence attorneys have seen first-hand how quickly a situation can escalate, leaving someone facing assault, intimidation, rape, manslaughter or homicide charges. Sometimes, both people involved in an incident may be charged with a family violence crime.

As family violence attorneys in Garland TX, we know that law enforcement officers often have to make a determination based on what they see and hear at a scene, and they sometimes get things wrong. However, even when an alleged victim doesn’t want to pursue charges, prosecutors can still choose to do so.

When There’s a Lot to Lose, Our Garland Family Violence Attorneys Fight for You

A conviction or even an accusation of family violence can affect just about every area of your life. Among the potential consequences are:

  • Loss of the right to see your child (or loss of custody if you’re divorced)
  • Loss of your right to have or use a firearm, even if you need to carry one to do your job
  • The inability to enter or even get near your own home

Our family violence attorneys in Garland TX know that everyone makes mistakes — sometimes big ones — and anyone can end up in handcuffs, even if they’ve done nothing wrong. Regardless of the situation, we treat every client with respect and compassion. Our Garland family violence attorneys work diligently and skillfully to seek the best resolution possible for every client.

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