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McKinney family violence attorneys would like you to remember one sentence: “The Texas Council on Family Violence estimates 1 in 3 Texans will be a victim of domestic violence during their lifetime.”

Stop and ponder this for a minute. “One in three Texans will be a victim of domestic violence….” The statistic is shocking, sobering…and sad, even to family violence attorneys in McKinney TX, who regularly immerse themselves in such tragic cases as part of their professional duties.

The McKinney family violence attorneys Azad & Barlow, PLLC, have not become hardened to the awful toll that family violence takes just because it is so prevalent. The opposite is true. Having been exposed so many times to the horrific pain that inevitably results from family violence, we are more sensitive to it that ever.

We will never hear about your or anybody else’s family violence case and react with just a callous shrug of the shoulders. It troubles and concerns us. Isn’t that the type of family violence attorneys in McKinney TX that you want taking your case?

We are solemnly aware, as family violence attorneys in McKinney TX, that shouting can be a prelude to shooting. Fists can fly. Damage is done. Harm is inflicted.

It comes down to this: Family violence happens. It happens too often. But it is not okay.

Why Does This Matter When You Need McKinney Family Violence Attorneys?

Attitude counts. It counts a lot, for these reasons:

  • Don’t you prefer to have people working for you who are sincerely attuned to the destructive power of violence within families?

  • Wouldn’t you rather have McKinney family violence attorneys who are compassionate and appreciate the depth of this problem?

  • Shouldn’t you pinpoint excellent family violence attorneys in McKinney TX who know that households across our great Lone Star State are quietly suffering incredible turmoil from family violence?

We Go Deeper Than Other Family Violence Attorneys Typically Do

There is something else you should understand about us. It’s something pivotal.

  1. The team at Azad & Barlow, PLLC, penetrates far beneath the surface and unearths every component — every fact — that is even remotely relevant to your case.

  • That technique makes a difference to us, and especially to you.

Put Yourself in the Hands of Azad & Barlow, PLLC

Deciding which McKinney family violence attorneys will argue your case isn’t like deciding which carpenter or landscaper you want. It’s a decision that will have reverberations for the rest of your life. Commit to us at 972-535-4484.


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