Plano Drunk Driving Lawyers 


When people find themselves on the “wrong side of the law” because they have been charged with driving under the influence, they quickly seek out Azad & Barlow, PLLC, as their Plano drunk driving lawyers.

Although we routinely highlight our expertise in this area due to our sterling history of successfully defending individuals charged with DUI, we are drunk driving lawyers in Plano TX who also accept many other types of legal cases.

They include the following:

Criminal mischief / driving with a suspended license / probation violations / juvenile

offenses / assault / felonies / misdemeanors / evading arrest / criminal trespass / drug crimes /

theft / family violence cases / weapons charges

Are We Plano Drunk Driving Lawyers Who Are Too Busy to Pay Much Attention to Your DWI Case?

The answer is a flat-out “No”! The fact that we are heavily in demand all the time speaks to our tremendous capability as defense lawyers. Mr. Shawn Barlow, Mr. David Vicente Azad and Ms. Shmyla Alam are drunk driving lawyers in Plano TX who have been widely recognized for being atop the pinnacle in their field.

They have rightfully earned that distinction after years of winning cases for our happy, grateful clients. We have a reputation for amazing legal services, total professionalism and empathy for those who come to us. In short, we care.

But no matter how great our case load at any given time happens to be, we always tackle each client’s case with infinite patience, thoughtfulness and immense deliberation. We never pay only cursory attention to your case. You deserve better than that. You will inevitably get it from us, your drunk driving lawyers.

We at Azad & Barlow, PLLC, are drunk driving lawyers in Plano TX who consider it a privilege to represent you…and we never forget it. As your drunk driving lawyers, we wholly invested in achieving the outcome you hope for.

Azad & Barlow, PLLC, Are Drunk Driving Lawyers in Plano TX Who Won’t Disappoint You

Let us prove our value as drunk driving lawyers to you. Arrange a consultation at no charge at 972-535-4484.



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