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While many arrests come immediately following the commission of a crime, as in the case of DWI or DUI charges, experienced Richardson criminal defense attorneys will quickly tell you that not all do. It’s not uncommon for law enforcement to take time to build evidence, such as interviewing witnesses or by using a confidential informant, as often happens in drug cases, before they arrest you.

No matter how you ultimately end up facing charges, the penalties associated with a conviction often overlap. Whether you’re facing drug, DUI or DWI, assault, family violence or weapons charges, most criminal defense attorneys in Richardson TX will tell you that you’re likely facing fines and potential jail time. The nature of your offense will dictate whether the court imposes additional penalties and how long they may last.

A Conviction Isn’t the Only Resolution to Criminal Matters

As you have perused the different websites for Richardson criminal defense attorneys, you’ve likely discovered a lot of language focusing on the consequences of a conviction. The choice of words used on these web pages may have left you wondering if these criminal defense attorneys in Richardson TX have forgotten that defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

While criminal defense attorneys in Richardson TX need to be transparent about the worst-case scenario, it’s not the only potential outcome. Jail also isn’t the only sentence imposed upon defendants convicted of crimes. Here are some alternate resolutions that our Richardson criminal defense attorneys would likely tell you about when discussing your case:

  • A dismissal
  • Participation in drug court
  • Community service
  • A plea deal
  • Participation in anger management classes (in family violence cases)
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device (in DUI cases)
  • Probation
  • Home confinement
  • An acquittal

The outcomes described above are nowhere close to a complete description of the alternatives to a conviction or incarceration. There are many options that Richardson criminal defense attorneys can negotiate for.

Connecting with Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Richardson TX

Criminal charges are like a nagging medical condition in that you shouldn’t leave alone, hoping that they’ll disappear. You need the skilled guidance that only Richardson criminal defense attorneys can provide to navigate the legal maze that is the Texas criminal justice system. Contact us using our web-based email form or phone us at (972) 535-4484 to learn more about your rights in light of the circumstances.


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