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You can defend yourself against drunk driving charges with Richardson DWI lawyers who understand the unique specifics of the law in Texas. You have options. It may feel as if you don’t, or as if there can’t be a positive outcome, but we assure you that these options always exist in every case. As experienced DWI lawyers in Richardson TX, we can help you explore them. We can provide you with answers. We can alleviate at least a bit of that stress.

There is a reason that our Richardson DWI lawyers were named the Best Attorneys under 40 by D Magazine in 2019. There’s a reason that people know us for our honesty and integrity. It takes work to confront these cases head-on, and it’s that work that we crave. Let our team of highly-trained DWI lawyers in Richardson TX give you an edge and a source of guidance during a difficult time.

What Defenses Do Richardson DWI Lawyers Use?

As any DWI lawyers in Richardson TX will tell you, you are certainly not lacking for options. In some of our previous cases, we have used tactics such as:

  • Showing that a breath test was inaccurate or that it wasn’t calibrated properly, meaning it can’t be used in court.
  • Showing that the police had no reason for the traffic stop, meaning evidence collected after the illegal stop can’t be used.
  • Demonstrating that an officer’s perception of impairment was inaccurate.
  • Calling into question the biases of the officers involved.
  • Showing that the impairment was involuntary, due to a medical condition or due to some other outside factor.

In some cases, the police make mistakes that elite Richardson DWI lawyers can spot from a mile away. In other cases, the impairment simply didn’t happen. In yet other cases, drivers just made one-time mistakes, perhaps due to addiction, and the DWI lawyers in Richardson TX can help them explore all of the options they have to avoid fines, jail time, license suspensions and much more.

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