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If you’re looking for Richardson family violence attorneys, you clearly understand that your situation is serious. Here at Azad & Barlow, PLLC, we will not only give your case the attention it deserves but we will treat you with compassion and respect. Our many years of service as family violence attorneys in Richardson TX — coupled with the fact that Attorney David Azad is a former prosecutor — have helped us build an excellent track record of success for our clients.

Let our Richardson family violence attorneys explain the charges against you, help you understand the potential outcomes for your case and explore all your possible defenses. We can also help you with any additional criminal charges you may be facing, including those related to weapons.

How Can Our Richardson Family Violence Attorneys Make a Difference?

Our family violence attorneys in Richardson TX keep in mind every aspect of our client’s cases. Regardless of the exact nature of your charges, a conviction means you could be facing:

  • The loss of your firearms and the right to bear arms
  • The suspension or revocation of your professional license
  • Exclusion from your own home and separation from your children
  • Fines, probation or jail time
  • Damage to your good name and social standing

You don’t want that to happen, and we don’t want that to happen. As experienced Richardson family violence attorneys, we know that things aren’t always what they seem. The alleged victim may be the aggressor. There may be hidden motives for the accusation tied to money, control or jealousy.

Our family violence attorneys in Richardson TX can help you navigate any tricky areas contained in your protective orders so that you avoid additional charges and complications, gather evidence that will help your case, present your side of the story to the court, examine witnesses and more. You can rely on us to aggressively defend your rights at every turn.

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