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The phrase “family violence” encompasses a lot of different potential charges in Texas. You may be charged with domestic assault, stalking, violating a protective order — even child abuse. Whatever the charges, the consequences to your future can be serious, so you need the Rockwall County family violence attorneys here at Azad & Barlow, PLLC, on your side.

Even the accusation of family violence can damage your standing in the community and your professional reputation. You want to avoid a conviction at all costs. Our family violence attorneys in Rockwall County TX want to help.

Why Entrust Your Future to Our Rockwall County Family Violence Attorneys?

We understand that allegations of family violence are rarely the whole story. Quite often, the alleged victim in the case will have ulterior motives related to divorce, child custody battles — or just plain jealousy and anger.

When you work with our Rockwall County family violence attorneys, we will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your case, with no obligation. In addition, if you hire our family violence attorneys in Rockwall County TX, we will:

  • Help you understand the charges against you and what you should (and should not) do now to better protect your interests
  • Explain to you exactly what your protective order means and any limitations placed upon you with regard to other family members
  • Represent you at the protective order hearing, which may involve calling witnesses, presenting evidence and challenging the opposing side’s narrative of events

In short, our family violence attorneys in Rockwall County TX will take your case to heart and work hard to protect your reputation and your rights — including your right to possess firearms, access your own home and retain custody of your children. All of these can be threatened by a conviction for family violence.

Not only were our Rockwall County family violence attorneys recognized as the Best Attorneys Under 40 by D Magazine in 2019, but Attorney David Azad is also a former prosecutor. That gives us unique insights into how the other side thinks in every case.

Contact Us Today to Meet Your Family Violence Attorneys in Rockwell County TX

If you’re ready to learn more about your legal options, you can reach us through our online contact form or call 972-535-4484 to schedule your consultations with one of our Rockwall County family violence attorneys.

No case is too complex for us to handle, and we make justice accessible and affordable.


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